FBO Liaison Monthly Donation Report

    Type of Service/Donation

    Quantity of Items

    # of Children

    Estimated Value

    Collections and/or Special Projects




    Specific Requests from Adopted Social Worker




    If any of the following has changed since last month, please provide updated information.

    Contact Changes


    We have tried to make this form as simple as possible. Please do your best to complete all the items on the form. There are two types of services/donations to which your FBO community may have responded. Please complete both reporting sections. If there is no activity, simply note that in the appropriate section.

    Collections and/or Special Projects

    In your AASW Manual, you are given suggestions for seasonal and year round projects. You may have even designed your own unique project in partnership with your Social Worker and/or Program Coordinator. We ask that you report these project donations, e.g.:

    Specific Requests from Adopted Social Worker

    When your Adopted Social Worker makes a request for a specific child or family, for any
    sort of item(s), we ask that you report how that request was filled, e.g.:

    Value estimates are either actual cost of providing items, the individual donor’s estimate of value or your personal best guess at value. CCC does not assign the cash value of donations.