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Child Assault Prevention Training

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Child Abuse Prevention movie  The Faces of Abuse, Neglect, and Poverty.
Our Children, Our Responsibility, Our Future.

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As we move through difficult times CCC seeks child abuse prevention activities and tools parents, caregivers and mentors can use to minimize the fear of the future we may collectively communicate to our children. It is crucial that we understand that the added economic stressors we are all feeling contribute to the possibility of child abuse and neglect. We urge everyone to offer respite and support to our friends and neighbors whenever possible to help each other through these times in order to protect our children.

We, as adults, need to learn to monitor our speech and the impact of messaging regarding the economy that our children experience. Please visit www.aap.org/disasters/economy.cfm for a wonderful tool in working with your kids during this time.

“Inspire Change"

Inspire Change, is a call to action for all of us to change the way we think about the prevention of child abuse and neglect and focus on actions that protect children right from the start, so child abuse and neglect never occur. April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. We are asking you to make a choice to join us in finding the spirit and strength to end the cycle of child abuse in Connecticut. We are asking all our faith-based partners to join each other and us in offering a special prayer during your services the second weekend in April. Our appeal is that, together the members of all 240 plus faith communities in covenants with Covenant to Care for Children be given the strength to end the cycle of child abuse; that we be given the wisdom to support the children and their families in ways that make them stronger and healthier; that our legislators open their hearts and minds to the plight of the most helpless of our citizens; that everyone in Connecticut open their eyes and spirits to see the vulnerability of our children. Imagine the power of more than 240 faith communities offering a single prayer to end child abuse!”