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Financial Donations

Online Donation To CCC Using Paypal

Boy Holding BasketballCovenant to Care for Children relies on the financial donations of individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations, civic groups and foundations in order to provide goods and services to thousands of children in crisis each year. There are many ways you may donate to our agency.

Employee Matching Programs

Where do you work? Many employers will match your gift to Covenant to Care for Children. Click here for a partial list of employers who will match donations for children. If your company is not listed here, ask the Community Development or HR person at your company about matching gifts.

These programs double the impact of each gift you give amplifying the results for the children of Connecticut who are counting on Covenant to Care for Children and you.

Thank you for your donation.

Vehicle Donation Program

Covenant to Care for Children will be accepting car donations. We are partnering with Car Program, Inc. who since 1991 has provided over 2000 nonprofits with a practical means of raising funds via vehicle donations. Covenant to Care for Children will receive 70% of all net proceeds from the sale of a donated automobile.

When it comes time to say good-bye to your current vehicle, please consider a tax deductible donation to Covenant to Care for Children. All you need to do is call us at the main office 860-243-1806 and we will fill out the donation form with you over the phone or you may complete the forms here and send them to us.

Donation forms: pdf or ms word

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Planned Giving: The Covenant Club

  • About Covenant Club

    The Covenant Club is made up of individuals who have felt or seen the miracles that happen every day through Covenant to Care for Children in their lives and the lives of Connecticut’s children and youth. Planned giving is a means to achieving and perpetuating the work and the mission of CCC. It provides an opportunity for us to see our wishes carried out well beyond our lifetimes.

    By joining the Covenant Club (through a bequest, life insurance gift, trust, annuity or other means), you make the strongest covenant of support to the mission and vision of CCC.

    Caring and faithful communities uphold the value of "giving back" according to their unique circumstances and abilities. If you share the values of CCC, you can help secure the future of our community's youth. Together, you and others can bring hope and possibilities to our children long into the future.

  • How to Get Started

    The best giving plan for you is one that meets your personal goals. CCC will provide you with the support to find the best means of giving for you, as part of your planning team along with your financial advisor. Please contact our main office for more information.

    Email: Cclub@covenanttocare.org or call 860-243-1806.

    The information provided on this page is general in nature. Before making any financial decisions please consult your own legal and financial advisors.

  • Brochure and Members

    Download Brochure

    The Covenant Club Members

    On behalf of the Covenant to Care for Children, Inc. we thank the following members for their very generous gift in joining the Covenant Club. Their commitment to helping children in our community is sincerely appreciated. Each year Covenant to Care for Children, Inc. continues to advance in its mission to create a future where all of Connecticut’s children have caring families and safe places to live, and all people of faith demonstrate their own personal commitment to the welfare of children. Through our Covenant Club we have seen many lives changed for the better.

    The goal of the Covenant to Care for Children, Inc. is to continue to make a difference in the lives of children. With the help of donations from these supporters we will continue to see improvements in the lives of many children.

    We recognize:

    John F. Williams

    Estate of Benjamin B. Lewis

    Joachim P. Maronn