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Children’s Enrichment Fund

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The CCC Children's Enrichment Fund is a children's advocacy program that helps respond to the less ordinary requests to meet special needs for the support, care and nurturing of youth and children in crisis. This program provides a fund designed to accept designated donations for those special expense needs of children. Social workers can request these funds for the needs of children that are not met by State Government departments, other agencies, or our AASW Program. Funding examples are summer camp, haircuts, lessons, art, music, sports, tutoring, bikes, or special books.
Children's Enrichment Fund
Program Coordinator
Dave Santis, PhD
e-mail: dsantis@covenanttocare.org
phone extension: 13

How to Help

  • Kids Need Stuff

    One Kid, One Thing, One Time $25.00 donation

    Baby's First Year, One Month $40.00 donation

    One Teen, One Month $60.00 donation

More Ways

  • Car Seats and Bikes

    A car seat is critical for safely transporting a child. Give the gift of safe travel to a baby or child.

    For an older child a bike might mean a job but always means better self-esteem.

    Suggested donation for a car seat or bike $100.00
  • Holidays and Special Occasions

    Throughout the year, CCC provides small things that allow a child to celebrate their achievements, their special days, and our shared cultural observances. These may include, but are not limited to, birthday parties or gifts, graduation gifts, adoption gifts, Christmas or Hanukah gifts, Easter Baskets, Halloween treats.

    Often the child will have no other gifts acknowledging their achievement, rite of passage or membership in the larger community. Your gift can bring joy and a smile to a child or a teen.

    Special Occasion Gift $35.00 donation
    Prom Dress / Suit / Class Ring $100.00 donation

Give Now

One Kid, One Thing, One Time
Special Occasion Gift
Baby’s First Year, One Month
One Teen, One Month

Class Ring
Prom Suit or Dress
Car Seat