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Our Mission

Covenant to Care for Children channels the generosity of caring and faithful people to advocate for, and provide direct assistance to Connecticut’s children who are neglected, abused and/or impoverished.

Our Vision Statement

Covenant to Care for Children works to create a future where Connecticut’s children have caring families and safe places to live, and all people of faith demonstrate their own personal commitment to the welfare of children.


  • Santis Appointed Executive Director

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Covenant to Care for Children, I am pleased to announce the appointment of David Santis as Executive Director effective December 1st.
    Dr. Santis has demonstrated exemplary professionalism in his role as interim Executive Director during the transition in leadership over the past few months. He has quickly taken hold of all management aspects of the organization.
    He has strong, trusting relationships with the staff as well as the confidence of the members of the Board. We look forward to working with him in fulfilling CCC’s mission with renewed vigor. As you know, CCC focuses on the needs of Connecticut’s abused, neglected and impoverished children. We invite your continuing support of Dr. Santis and the organization.
    Carol J. Guardo,
    Chair of the Board

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  • CCC is Now a Kidcents Charity

    38We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Rite Aid and are now an official KidCents charity! KidCents is a program created by The Rite Aid Foundation that allows Rite Aid customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate their change to help support kid-focused charities.

    Covenant to Care for Children will now be listed as an official KidCents charity on Kidcents.com. Through KidCents, Rite Aid customers can visit www.kidcents.com , elect to round up their Rite Aid purchases, and donate their change to an official KidCents charity, which now includes us!

    Here’s what you can do to support Covenant to Care for Children with your KidCents round-up donations when you shop at Rite Aid:

    Visit www.kidcents.com and follow the steps online to become a Rite Aid wellness+ member (join for free) and enroll in the KidCents program.
    After you join wellness+ (or if you are already a wellness+ member), login on www.kidcents.com and click “Select a Charity” on the website menu.
    Here you can search for Covenant to Care for Children in the list of official KidCents charities.
    When you find CCC, click on the “Select this Charity” button so that your KidCents round-up change will be designated to CCC.
    Now the next time you shop at Rite Aid, your change will be rounded up and donated to Covenant to Care for Children

    This means more funding for our programs and our goal to advocate for and provide assistance to abused, neglected and/or impoverished children.

    It also means that YOU have the ability to help us reach our goals by simply shopping at Rite Aid and rounding up your purchases for our organization, as well as asking your friends and family to participate in the program. Imagine the change that your change can make!

    We are looking forward to our partnership with The Rite Aid Foundation and excited by the opportunities that KidCents brings to our organization and those we help. Thank you for your support!

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