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The Caring Gift of Adoption Is Celebrated
11/24/2010 by Litchfield County Times
The initiative, called Bells of Hope, in its second year, was considered widely successful according to its founder, Deb Kelleher, regional coordinator for regional coordinator for Foster Adoptive Mission, a foster care and adoption community collaborative serving northern and central Connecticut. “Awareness all over Connecticut was raised on Sunday,” Ms. Kelleher said in a press release. “People have been touched by Bells of Hope. I’ve already received phone calls and inquiries about the children because folks have been moved by the plight of these kids. I feel so blessed that the event has blossomed to include the support of agencies like Covenant to Care; the Connecticut Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents; Hearts, Hands, and Homes; and the Department of Children and Families...."  Read More >>

11/6/2010 - Bells Of Hope Exceeds Founder’s Expectations by John Rook

Bells of Hope Event featured on on WTNH CT Style 10/22/10

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09/19/2010 - Governor Rell: State Earns $520,809 Federal Award For Progress Made in Child Adoptions - Press Release

10/17/2009 - Cheshire Herald

11/4/2009 -

11/1/2009 - Governor Rell's Press Release

10/20/2009 Hartford Courant

10/29/2009 - Greenwich Time



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